Raw LIDAR Data 2013

URL: http://wroms.whiterockcity.ca/opendata/Lidar/WR_Lidar.zip

The Raw LIDAR area of the entire extent of the City.

Includes the following sub folders: Arcinfo_Bin_1m, Contours_50 cm, Ground_Voids, Hillshade_geotiffs, Intensity_Geotiffs, LAS, Lidar_Summary, metadata, Tile_Index, Trajectories

Projection: UTM Zone 10 (Central Meridian 123 West) Hz Datum: NAD 83 (CSRS) 4.0.0.BC.1.GVRD Vertical Datum: CGVD28GVRD Geoid Model: Metro Vancouver Geoid (HTMVBC00.byn)

Please note that the entire dataset has a size of 8 GB and that the download will slow down the entire City's network as well as yours. For that reason please, download that dataset after 5 PM PST time.

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